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    I have installed Oracle Reports 6.0.8 (6i) on Sun Solaris for sparc (OS - Solaris 2.8)

    I have created all my reports so that it can work in character mode. The Fonts I have selected in Courier 10.

    When I invoke a report using 'rwrun60c' , From previewer when I print the report to the printer with the following parameters
    DesType - printer
    DesName - mth1 ( default printer attached to the server )
    DesFormat - dflt

    I get segmentation fault error.

    Because of this I'm temporarily saving the report to a file and printing it from command line. The parameters are as below
    DesType - File
    DesName - rep001.lst
    DesFormat - dflt

    The setting made in uiprint.txt is as below
    mth1:ASCII:1:default printer:default.ppd

    If I invoke the same report using 'rwrun60', I can print the report directly from the Previewer.

    The only noticible difference is while I open the report in GUI mode and Print it, the DesName is automatically populated with the name of the default printer when I select Destype as Printer. But in Character mode, I have to manually enter it.

    Any tips of how to tackle the problem.


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    GO to datamodel---->system Parameters
    set in MODE
    initial value as DEFAULT
    and generate your report


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    Character mode reports printing in dotmatrix printer

    I Build the Character mode report, but it is slow while priting in the dotmatrix printer. i done all the settings based on oracle documentation and others suggition. Pls send me the example report and PRT file( emp table in scott)

    edit by admin: no contact info permitted on the forum, thank you


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