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Thread: Print report In txt file!

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    I want to print report in txt file.
    I have tried to save as from html file, but the report displayed not same and seem not good. How can I do that?

    please help, it's urgent.



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    To print to a text file via Reports you must use TEXT_IO. This is probably the easiest way out of Reports.

    Have you attempted to create a PDF file? You need to have adobe acrobat reader installed on the computer running/generating the report.

    Good Luck

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    If u want to print the report in the .txt format, while generating the report just click on file optin then click on generate file option in which u have one sub-option called delimited, click on it then it will ask u for a delimiter, in which the default delimiter is tab, if u want to change it u can otherwise leave it as it is.

    Then it asks u to save the file in .txt file format.

    Hope this helps u.

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