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Thread: Check your Alert Log Frequently

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    I am in the progress to write a shell script to check my alert log for an Oracle database 816 on Solaris. The script will be placed on cron job and check the Oracle alert log every 5 minutes. If any new ORA- error comes up, it will send me an email. Does anybody have any tips or techniques for this? Thank you!

    Righ now, I am thinking something like:

    cat alert_dbprod.log|grep ORA

    Questions are:

    How do I avoid scaning the log from the very first line everytime? The alert log is purged and "refreshed" every quarter.

    What are the searching patterns that I need to use? Only "ORA-"? Are there any other patterns I need to catch and send emails for DBAs to look?

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    Here is the script I use:

    C_DATE=`date +"%a %b %e "`

    ## Xtract current date records from alert file & scan it for ORA-errors.

    sed -n "/^$C_DATE/,$ p" /P0/app/oracle/admin/mast/bdump/alert_mast.log > temp$$

    sed -n '/^ORA-/ p' temp$$ > ora_errors

    # Variable LN_CNT initialized to the no. of lines in the ora_errors file.

    LN_CNT=`wc -l < ora_errors`

    # If ora_errors file has lines in it, then mail is sent to the DBA.
    if [[ $LN_CNT -ge 1 ]]
    cat ora_errors | mailx -s "Please Check the ALERT_MAST.LOG on $host for Er
    rors" $DBA

    rm temp$$
    rm ora_errors

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    As part of my cron job, I save a copy of the current alert.log file to alert.log.last. I can then diff the two files to get only the changes since the last time the cron job was fired.
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    Thank you for mhaller and Jeff!!!

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