I have a oracle 816 dmp file, which is huge and had big initial and next extent so my import failed even though I had enough space on that tablespace. So I decided to do it in 3 steps like..
1. imp system/manager file=xyz.dmp indexfile=xyz.sql show=y
2. edit xyz.sql and take out all the storage clauses (you will need to edit that file to take out REM)
3. run xyz.sql to pre-create your tables and indexes
4. imp system/manager file=xyz.dmp ignore=y

But as this file is huge I could not manually take out all storage clauses so I changed INITIAL and NEXT extent values to something smaller with same initial and next extent.

But did not change max extent !@#

Now I am in trouble... everthing went smooth except for one index.
Error: Reached Max # of extents for this index and it rolled back all the rows it imported for that perticular table where that unique index import failed.

I was thinking of increasing the max number of extent for this index, but how do I do that ?

Then after I do that, how do I just import that table ?
what will be the import command ?

thanks for help