Oracle internals experts.

What is this utility for ? It seems there is a 2Gb SGA size limit on NT ? That does not sound correct.

when you execute it without any params it returns the foll:

The ORASTACK utility was created to allow users to modify
the amount of stack that's reserved and/or committed by
each thread in the Oracle Server. By running ORASTACK on
certain .exe files, the headers of these executables are patched
to reflect the settings specified. Typically, changing the
commit size of each thread's stack is not necessary, since NT
will commit more stack as needed. However, decreasing each
thread's reserved size may be necessary since this size comes
out of the Oracle Server's 2 gigabyte address space. When
thousands of connections or a large SGA are in use, running
out of address space in the Oracle server process [although
still having available physical memory in the machine] is a