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Thread: sql loader and integrity constraints HUGE pb...

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    Apr 2001

    I've got a HUGE problem with sqlloader/Oracle 816

    Let me explain:
    in the text file:
    if I discribe one and only one good row, it is inserted...
    if I discribe 1 good row and 1 bad row (PK violation), the bad row is discarded
    if I describe 1 good row and 2 bad rows, the 3 of them ARE inserted into the table, but the .bad file tells me that the 3 rows where rejected !!
    (O.S. is NT4, sp6)

    I had a look at metalink, but... nothing...

    Please, please, help a poor french guy...

    Thanks in advance for your help


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    May 2001
    Hi Shadow,

    I am going to take a stab at helping you.

    My first question, is the table you are working on do you delete/rollback the data? If not you could be causing yourself pains because the data could be in your table.

    The second question, would pertain to the primary key and foreign key on the table(s) being effected by the load.

    Another question, would be based on the file you are attempting to load. Sometimes, the files are not delimitted correctly. What I mean is sometimes data is delimited with single quotes, so if you have a word like 'we'll' would cause issues with the load sometimes; where as "we'll" would not as much. This would be changed in your control file.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Shadow,

    I agree with rcherch there are lots of issues to consider when loading data thru sqlloader do one thing put a copy of ur control file code over here along with the data maybe then we can all look at ur code and data file and let you know where you might be going wrong


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