ORA-00036 Error, max num of recursive sql levels exceeded
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Thread: ORA-00036 Error, max num of recursive sql levels exceeded

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    My Oracle817 application does snapshot auto-refresh. It generated this error today. (never before). I can't really modify the application, how do I deal with it? Thanks.

    ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [17281], [36], [519685240], [], [], [], [], []
    ORA-00036: maximum number of recursive SQL levels (50) exceeded

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    From Metalink :

    Error: ORA 36
    Text: Maximum number of recursive sql levels (%s) exceeded
    Cause: An attempt was made to go more than the specified number of recursive
    SQL levels was made.
    Action: Remove the recursive SQL, possibly a recursive trigger.

    *** Important: The notes below are for experienced users - See [NOTE:22080.1]

    In Oracle7/8 there is a hard carded limit of 50 recursive
    sessions. This hard coded limit is NOT configurable.

    If a you have hit 50 recursive sessions there is probably something
    wrong in the code causing an infinite recursion.
    Eg: PLSQL which uses DBMS_SQL to call itself over and over.

    The following may help collect additional information about the
    true problem.
    NB: See [NOTE:75713.1] before setting any event in the init.ora file.

    Add this line to the init.ora file for the instance:

    event="36 trace name errorstack level 3"

    This should dump a trace file when the ORA-36 occurs. The trace file may
    help identify the cause of the problem.

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