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Thread: Restore a database from a *.tar.Z file

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    To take a cold backup of an Oracle DB, our system engineer used the following command :

    tar cf - /data/oracle/instance1 | compress - > /SAVE/cold_backup_instance1.tar.Z

    (All db files are under instance1. About 4.5 Gb).

    Anyone could give me a simple way to restaure from : cold_backup_instance1.tar.Z
    I tried few commands (uncompress and tar -xf in the same time) but it seems that the system
    try to uncompress and then extract files (with tar x) : but the operation ends when the tar
    file reachs 2 Go ... (file size limit in our system : HP-UX 10.20 is 2Go)

    Any idea (unsing named pipe for example ...)

    Thanks a lot


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    Here is what we use to import > 2g compressed files, by using a pipe.

    #! /bin/ksh
    rm -r /tmp/exp_pipe
    rm -r /tmp/imp_pipe
    mknod /tmp/imp_pipe p
    uncompress < path/filename > /tmp/imp_pipe & imp user/password file=/tmp/imp_pipe log=path/filename commit=y

    I am new to this and am not sure how this actually works. But it does. Can anyone elaborate on the pipe process?


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    try this:

    zcat /SAVE/cold_backup_instance1.tar.Z | tar xvf -

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