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    I was wanting to get an opinion from experienced DBA's out there. I have been working with Oracle for over a year, taken all of the training classes. Looking now into taking the OCP exams (employer is sort of forcing me into them). I had hoped to wait until further along in my career, but they aren't leaving me much choice.
    The problem is our database is relatively small (25 users, 6GB in size) and developed by a third party, so I don't perform a lot of the functions many DBA's do (building tables, dropping/adding constraints, etc.). I'm the only Oracle person at our site as well, so I have never held a junior level type position and learned from a senior level DBA.
    Will getting an OCP DBA certification actually hurt my career in this case, since I do not have the experience in some areas to back it up? Thanks for your advice.

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    Depends, are you looking to move? If not, then it will take 6-12 mos. to get your OCP. By that time, you will have more experience AND your OCP.
    Jeff Hunter
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    I believe the OCP is worthwhile for someone in your circumstances.

    The OCP has been valuable to me because I have done DBA work in only 2 shops for less than a year in both places. OCP will at least introduce you to facet of administration that other shops use and you would not know about otherwise.

    In addition, if you do not have a mentor this is a good way to build your knowledge in a structured way.

    Good luck.
    David Knight
    OCP DBA 8i, 9i, 10g

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