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Thread: Internal user password enforcement

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    Hi all

    This is a query related to change in the password of internal. I am working on Oracle 8i (8.1.6) on Windows NT. I want to set up password for internal user for my own machine to prevent users from using Oracle DB Access as admin.
    For this I have used exact procedure told Oracle in Documentation.

    Those are as follows

    1) on c:> orapwd file=acct.pwd password=section users=2
    2) Then I set in initora1.ora file REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWRDFILE=EXCLUSIVE.
    3) I granted sysdba and sysoper to one user that was sys as
    c:> sqlplus , connected as internal
    4) At sql prompt I said 'GRANT SYSDBA TO SYS:' and "GRANT SYSOPER TO

    5) Then I said 'SHUTDOWN' and then 'STARTUP'

    When I tried to connect using internal 'CONNECT INTERNAL' it got connected without asking password. What should I do to enforce password even on same desktop(For Internal User)


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    This is interesting as I faced exactly the same problem today.
    I think that when you install 8i (8.1.6 upwards) a domain user group called ORA_DBA is created and all logins in that group can connect as SYSDBA's without password enforcement.

    Now I went ahead and removed myself from this group but it still connects to internal either with no password or to sys as sysdba with both the default oracle or the newly set passpord up.

    I am stumped. Any taker's?


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    ORA_DBA is a local user group.
    Remove everybody from it you must be asked for the password.
    Hope it helps.
    Ramon Caballero, DBA,

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    Proceed with this ?

    Hi, 28th May 2001 19:05 hrs chennai

    Try the above link.


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