All of the hype on the OCP ... here's a view from a Sr. DBA with 11 years of experience doing Oracle DBA work. I resisted the OCP but finally sucumbed to pressure since I am an independent.
- If you expect more money ... you're going to be disappointed.
- The book doesn't tell all ... you better read the manuals too.
- The tests are ... not real life ... no matter what they say.
- The benefit ... you can sometimes get by the HR department because you have a certification and the right key words.
- You may actually learn something but don't look at it as a way to better yourself ... it's not that kind of learning. It teaches you how to read the questions ... kinda like Pavlov's dog.
- It teaches patience ... especially for an old dog that reads too much into the question.
- Uncertified IT staff will probably drill you harder because they are suspicious ... and rightfully so since you don't actually have to do Oracle to get certified.