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Thread: Really Global Variables?

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    Has anyone else thought about global variables that's above using packages? Let's say I have 10 packages and 30 views that need access to this super global variable. Yes, I can store it in a table, which is probably what I'm going to do.

    Wouldn't it be nice to pin a variable on the SGA for a period of time?

    any comments?


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    True, but considering that you can have Pro*C, PL/SQL and Java packages, making a global variable across all would be tricky. I always make an xGlobalValue_T table in my schemas. This table always holds global values for the databae, such as database version (in app terms, not like, directories, last refresh time, etc. I then make a proc/package to easily get the values from the table and pin both - quick and easy.

    - Chris

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