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Thread: Maximum Limit of log sequence nos?

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    In the ALERT.LOG, I found this entry...

    RESET LOGS after incomplete recovery UNTIL CHANGE 360435

    What does this mean?

    Does it mean that the maximum limit of log sequence number is 360435?

    By the way, what is the maximum limit of log sequence number? The database is in ARCHIVELOG mode, after the limit of log sequence number is reached (if at all there is one!) what will happen, does it go to the next incarnation of the database or in the same incarnation start from 1? Then, it will overwrite the archive logs have sequence nos. 1?


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    The statement in ALERT.log file shows that u have performed an incomplete recovery.After u perform an incomplete recovery u have to open the database using RESETLOGS option.
    What RESETLOGS does is that it will again start the log sequence number from 1.
    All the previous redo logs are not obsolete but they can be used for recovery and be applied to datafiles which were backuped before performing incomplete recovery.
    So after u perform incomplete recovery and open the database using RESETLOGS option...perform a backup of ur database datafiles.The logsequence number starts from 1 and now from this logsequence no u have to backup the archived redologs and apply to the datafiles backedup.
    There is no upperlimit as to the logsequence number.Whenever a log switch occurs Oracle will archive the logfile with the log sequence number.
    In case of any doubts please be free to ask me at

    Rohit Nirkhe,Oracle DBA,OCP 8i
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