emporary tablespace and file system filling up.
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Thread: emporary tablespace and file system filling up.

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    I need some help. When I run a stored procedure (Oracle 8i on Solaris 8.0), the temp tablespace fills up and so much so, that the entire file system gets full.
    The stored proc does a series of inserts only in one table.
    df -k shows 0 bytes free.
    The same procedure in the same DB on NT gives no such problem.
    Any ideas?

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    Check the proc. code for both databases; they could be slightly different. If the proc is designed to just perform inserts, it might be doing some sorting before/after the inserts, blowing out your temp space.

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    I believe the autoextend is on for your temp tablespace segment check that out, if it is, the size of datafile will grow & occupy the entire disk. Also check the o/p of df -k before the pl/sql block is run
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