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    I did an import, without rows, and all the objects were (I thought) successfully imported - Import completed without warnings. Then I import the data. Import completed without warnings. Then I attempt to rename one of the tables from DEPARTMENT_PRIMARY to DEPARTMENT_PRIMARY_HOLD. I get the ORA-00972 identifier too long error - but clearly I'm under my 30 chars. So just to see how short I have to go, I keep shortening the name until I get to:

    rename department_primary to xx;

    I STILL GET THE ERROR! AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh! What is going on?

    So, I CTAS (create table as select) to duplicate the structure of the table into a new table. I then use BMC Patrol Change Manager to compare these two objects - only difference is maxextents. So I take the DDL to create the table, all constraints and the trigger from this table, save it, drop the table and recreate it with the SQL. Now I can rename it at will.

    Why did this happen? Does it indicate some other error or problem that I need to address? Has anyone experienced this?

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    from which database did U create the oracle dump and to which version were U trying to import ?, did U get any warnings or errors while U were trying to export and what was the command that U gave while U were trying to export and imprt ?
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    No error messages - import terminated without warnings

    The export/import didn't seem to have any problems, and I don't have any reason to believe that is even related to my problem except it was the only change to the DB before I began having this problem, and only with that one table. The data did load into the table during the import, and I could query it without problems.

    When I CTAS and made a new table, I could rename it to the name I wanted for the original. I could find no other problems with the DB.

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