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    How can I change the archive's size?

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    archive size

    Archive size is the size of rollback segments. You can not change it. However, if you give alter system swich logfile, it will archive the unfilled long and the size of that particular archive redo log will be smaller than others.

    Kailash Pareek

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    The archive logs just take the same size as the redo logs.

    There is no way to resize a redo log, but you can add new redo logs of the size you want then drop the old logs.


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    Hey, kkpareek watch out, archive size does not depend on rollback segment. As jdorlon says, it depends on the online redo log file. But again, the redo log file size CAN BE CHANGED. Be careful to do this and if U'r not experienced please do under experts supervision only. Follow these steps to change the size of Online Redolog file.
    - Note the current redo log file & switch the control to the next redo log group
    - Drop the redo log file and recreate with size U require
    - Again switch the control to the next redo log group and drop the one which was online earlier.
    - Create a Redo log group with size(same size as previous recomended) that you require.
    - Similarly proceed the above steps as mentioned above.

    P.s If U have only two redo log groups only, then please don't forget to create the third one, without which the whole operation will not work
    A Winner never Quits, A Quitter never Wins
    Ganesh .R

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