Hi all,
I was putting the ORACLE on my ORACLE 7.3.3 database, but it is required that I put in the patch for Bug 604804. After I had put in the Bug 604804 patch, I went on to restart the database which the notes I was following did not suggest. However I did and when I tried running the ORAINST and selected the options to upgrade the software and stuff, it bums out with a message the ORACLE patch can only be applied to ORACLE SERVER When I restarted the database and select the version of ORACLE, I noticed it had increase to ORACLE and I do not know how, when, why that happened. As it turns out I am now unable to upgrade to ORACLE What should I do now????

How do I restore the ORACLE SERVER back to ORACLE 7.3.3 so that I can do the upgrade to

How can I avoid data loss as this is our production database and the last backup was yesterday evening???

It is possible that I might have relinked the executables and caused the ORACLE Server version to increase??

Please help... I have to rectify this problem as soon as possible

Thanks and God Bless,