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    Folks! - I need a little help, please.

    I created a package with procedures as a user with dba access to my instance (8i release 2 on Solaris 2.7). It runs fine when I run it as that user.

    I am having no luck granting access to this package to other users!

    I have:

    Create or Replace Package This_Package is
    Procedure My_Proc (input in varchar2);
    end This_Package;

    Create or Replace Package BODY This_Package is
    Procedure My_Proc (input in varchar2) is
    end My_Proc;
    end This_Package;

    create public synonym This_Package for MY_USERID.This_Package;

    grant all on This_Package to SOME_OTHER_USER;

    But, when SOME_OTHER_USER runs the package, he gets this error:

    identifier 'THIS_PACKAGE.MY_PROC' must be declared.

    Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?!

    Thanks in advance!

    Joe B.

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    specify owner

    Are they specifying the owner of the package? Instead of saying pack1(); They would have to say owner.pack1();

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    Smile Yes, but...

    lesstjm - thanks for your reply!

    Yes, putting the owner on the package call does work. But, why doesn't creating the public synonym get me around having to specify the owner?

    Joe B.

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