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Thread: Identifying query

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    Suppose I have a query in my database taking a large mount of memory. Of course I can identify the Unix process ID using ps -ef. It is possible to identify the Oracle user, too.

    But, how can I see exactly what that query is doing in a given moment (not Logminer)? Is there a v$ view or something? I know tools like Toad/SQL Navigator have this feature, but don't know how to do with a command line. Any ideas?

    thanks in advance.

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    You can use v$session

    select username,schemaname,osuser,machine from v$session;

    Or best use the GUI Instance manager in DBA studio


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    V$SESSION would give me info about the user accessing the database, and not about WHAT he is doing in the database at that moment, right?

    I was thinking in something like Logminer, creating a table with single commands extracted from redo logs. The problems are that single queries (SQL, not DML/DDL) are not written in redo logs, and I need answer in real-time.

    Does that v$ view exist?

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    select a.username, a.terminal, a.program, b.sql_text
    from v$session a, v$sqlarea b, v$process c
    where c.spid = 'your unix process' OR a.process = 'your unix process' )
    and a.paddr = c.addr
    and a.sql_address = b.address
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    first, are you useing multy thred? if so then your os process tells you about many db process, not just the one you are looking at.

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