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Thread: IBM in India

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    Hi, 25th May 2001 15:12 hrs chennai

    Today i had an opportunity to represent my company for an IBM one day seminar on DB2 and there E-business solution softwares .

    It was good opportunity to look at another DB level what they are trying to do etc.

    They frankly accepted my Questions to reply that they are late starters, whereas Oracle is like a House hold name for all IT professionals in Inida.Even though DB2 DB has a good presence in US.

    They also have provided all there products for Linux versions too.

    I think they are banking there future on Linux and there support for the same(LINUX) will help them very much for future growth.

    One more thing is that i learned DB2 7.2 is comparitively very less cost compared to oracle.

    They demonstarted oracle migration to DB2 etc.

    I had to intervene and correct a speaker of DB2 when he told that Oracle RBS after running four hours it tells errors etc bluntly.He had to really retract for that after my intervention.

    Totally what ever DB it can be there should not be blunt accusition.

    One thing i understood they are really trying hard to penetrate in to India. All the best.


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    from the choice of 4 questions.Many said Abraham Thomas.

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    Hi Padmam


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    Thumbs up

    Good job padmam!! We have to be aware that DB2 stands next to oracle. I notice that a number of companies are thinking to DB2 as it was cost effective when compared to Oracle.


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    Keep it up padmam!

    One should get into Market with their product features that stands in the market, not degrading the other product features. Its not the real marketing strategy.

    Just because its Cost effective Solution people don't go for it. They need people to support also. I worked as developer on DB2 way back 5 years ago. DB2 is definitely Good Product but, how come one knows its GOOD without Marketing.

    Even couple of years ago when I was involved with IBM DB2 Tech Support in a "Legacy Project conversion from IBM Platform to Oracle" IBM Team suggested me not to get in to DB2 Stuff till 2005. Cuz, they know its very hard to get into market with no marketing. Even IBM don't forsee that they will stay in market till 2005. We don't know its hard to predict next 4 years of Software Product World.

    I did say to lots of people "NO" when they see DB2 development stuff in my resume and ask for DB2 DBA position. Its true with even other professionals too... Until they change their marketing strategy and ttraining methodology its not that easy to take over Oracle on other side MS SQL Server trying to beat Oracle.

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    Thanks for Regards

    Dear Readdy/Sambavan 27th May 2001 18:21 hrs chennai

    Yes 100% true that IBM lacked very much in marketing.That was the point i understood and missed to point out previously.

    This was the comparison based on Oracle i-Develop2000 conference i attended in bangalore about 8 months back.

    Even the speakers lack the knack what oracle gives are far ahead compared to that of IBM.

    To sell a product the marketing is off course a main consideration.

    The Oracle DB share is 31. %
    The IBM market DB share is 29. %
    The SQL server DB share 13. %
    Others the rest

    But still I think over few years after IBM MAY... catch up if proper Marketing and cost edge as of now they are trying to compete.

    They also have a seperate division now supporting very much on LINUX version of all IBM products.Off course Linux is catching up very fast the estimated growth rate of LINUX in next year will be 150% and above in O/S market share.||rly they they showed for next three years various statistics.These were the studies done and reported by neutral companies like Gartner etc...


    Attitude:Attack every problem with enthusiasam ...as if your survival depends upon it

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