Urgent!!! Suggestions Required
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Thread: Urgent!!! Suggestions Required

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    Hi All,

    We are in the plan to have a new production server which is going to be a high availability SERVER.So i am planning to schdule the backups in RMAN and TSM or adsm.

    So herewith i want some suggestions from you all.

    I am planning to make the database to run in Archive mode.
    In that database server we are planning to implement atleast appox 10 to 20 applications.Which has each 1 data tablespace and 1 index tablespace for each application.

    Now if i am planning for backup stratergy to be implement in this server.

    Please suggest me.
    My idea is weekend full database backup
    Daily from morning to the end of the day every 2 hrs each appliction backup with Archive logs.

    Please let me know whether to take tablespaces backup or assoitiated datafiles to backup.But anyway i am using RMAN which will take datafiles backup if i schedule to take tablespaces to be backed up.

    We may require to TSPITR to the previous date.

    Please give me the suggestions for this statergy.


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    RMAN implementation is a good option to go for. You can schedule Level 0 backup on the week ends and level 1 backup on wednesdays and level 2 on the other days. In the mean time if you have a good redo log size and good storage capacity to hold archive logs, then you can pull the archive logs on every 6 Hrs and that would give you 4 sets of archive logs per day. When you do the next level 0 or depending on your in house policy on how long worth of data you would like to hold, you could delete the old backups.

    Hope this would give you a good idea.


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    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for your Suggestions.

    Please let me know is that good to take tablespace wise backup scheduled every 2 hrs or else the datafiles associated to the tablespace.

    I know even if we specifyto backup TABLESPACE in RMAN it takes associated datafiles to backup.

    So i want to know whatz the difference in taking tablespace wise and datafile wise.


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    just wondering why you have to backup every two hours...?

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    You can goahead and take a level 1 on every day other than wednesdays like sam said and it does not worry about tablespaces.

    RMAN back ups happen at block level and only the blocks that changed since the last lower or same level backup will be backed up.

    You dont need to worry about tablespaces or datafiles. One other recommendation from me is to have a good tape duplication and offsite capability to recover in case of a disaster or when tapes fail ( Tape Failure Only happened a couple of times in my entire career but it is enough to keep me up at nights )


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