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    Apr 2001
    Hi All,

    I am going to run a very heavy script against my test database for testing new network storage. Can some one suggest what kind of scripts I can run.

    The purpose is to create a lot of read/write to test database and shutdown to test our new DELL SAN storage. SAN was used for production DB, but since we have san installed, everytime when issue shutdown command, the controller will become I/O error- We just re-config SAN, and hope we can hit test DB very hard to see if SAN can take it or not.

    Is it a good idea to run analyze tables (I have erp user who have 80,000 tables) to create heavy read/write?

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    Mar 2001
    TPC Benchmark™ C (TPC-C) is an OLTP workload. It is a mixture of read-only and update intensive transactions that
    simulate the activities found in complex OLTP application environments. It does so by exercising a breadth of system
    components associated with such environments, which are characterized by:
    • The simultaneous execution of multiple transaction types that span a breadth of complexity
    • On-line and deferred transaction execution modes
    • Multiple on-line terminal sessions
    • Moderate system and application execution time
    • Significant disk input/output
    • Transaction integrity (ACID properties)
    • Non-uniform distribution of data access through primary and secondary keys
    • Databases consisting of many tables with a wide variety of sizes, attributes, and relationships
    • Contention on data access and update


    Or let me know and I will send you by e-mail.

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    see if this tool can simulate some load on the database


    I think they allow you to download a trial copy.

    Disclaimer : I have never used it.

    BTW, if you use the tool (and may be buy it ).. and like it, please post a review for us here, so that we all can learn from your experience/

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    Hi uday,

    My company is thinking to by some products from quest. Have you used any products of quest's? Any input is helpful.


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