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    Here I am sun soloaris E250 and Oracle8i(8.1.6). Here I am doing migration operation from Oracle 7.2 to Oracle 8i. So that I looking the information about space allocation for tablespace.

    I have a Only One user but 250 tables. Each table having 100000 to 200000 laks records. How I can allocate the space for tablespace.

    If anybody knows the information about this

    just mail me along with one example like
    create tablespace xx datafile ' /../../../xx.dbf'
    initial value
    next value
    min extents
    max extents
    pctincrease value)

    I need to create 16 tablespace for this migragtion work.

    my Email id is shankar_gk@hotmail.com,



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    If you do a definition only export (rows=n) on the 7.2 database, and then use Import to generate a datafile of the create statements, you will then get the necessary create statements in an editable format.

    Since tablespace size is determined by the number and size of it's data files, there are several other factors that need to be considered. Such as does your OS have a file size limit(For determining the number of files needed)? Is the OS 32 bit or 64bit (also a limiter of file size).

    You can try
    select tablespace_name,sum(bytes)/(1048576)
    from dba_extents;

    to see how big your tablespaces need to be.
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