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Thread: default tablespace for user

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    I know it's a good practice to assign a default tablespace when creating a new user 'cause otherwise every object created for that user will be stored in SYSTEM tablespace. However, if I want to store all user tables into USER_TABLE tablespace and all user indexes into USER_INDX tablespace, then which tablespace shall I assigned to the user as the default one? Or I have to explicitly put tablespace clause at the end of the table build script?

    Also, if the datafile gets too big, it will be good to use 2 smaller datafiles instead of 1 big file to improve performance (or make backup faster?). So how big is too big? i.e. when should we begin to think about split it?


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    you assign data always then specify tablespace clause in index creation

    about splitting files it depends on how many disks you have, if you have one only then there is no point splitting them unless you hit the size limit

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    USER_TABLE should be the default tablespace for the users. Remember that TEMP tablespace should also be given for all new users.

    File size: It depends upon the OS. In general keep them below 2 GB, if your OS is 32 bit.

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