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    Hi all
    I am at wits end. How do I delete a password file for my database.

    1. I have commented out the remote_login_password_file field in my pfile
    result. Connect internal and it stills asks me for the password and I enter the password and it says insuffiecient privileges to startup the database.

    2 I have taken the password file entry out of the registry (Personal Oracle - Win98) but the same results.

    3 used ORADIM to change the intpwd and it will still only accept the current password.

    Any other suggestions, this is bugging me.

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    Try the following steps

    1) you have to delete the password file that corresponds to the Instance

    2) Recreate the password file using the ORAPWD command from the command prompt do not use oradim that command is used to create a Serive for the Instance on Windows NT and Windows 98 the syntax is as follows

    orapwd file= password= entries=5

    Entries is optional that specified how many users can have sysdba or sysoper privilege but remember if you want to add more then 5 after creating the password file you will have do delete the password file and recreate the password file.

    Good Luck

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    Another thing the password file is a external file located on ur hard disk usually will be located in ur ORACLE_HOME directory you need to find out which it is the password file is not located in the database.


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