I've created a standby DB (Oracle 8.1.7) from my primary DB and everything seems to work fine.

Now I want to do a recovery every midnight and then open the standby DB in read only mode again. (so my users always see the data untill yesterday)

A shutdown immediate without any open connections works fine, but when I have a connection open (only one sqlplus) it hangs there for more then 30 min, and I have to use shutdown abort to close my standby DB.

Does anybody know what the problem is ? I can't find anything about it in my log files.

I also tried alter database close normal, but then I get the message that there are still open connections.
Which sessions do I have to kill in v$session (and what happen when I kill background processes) ??

Or is it safe to do a shutdown abort, startup again and shutdown immediate right after that ? (I really want to avoid this method).

If anyone knows a solution, please let me know.