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Thread: Rollback Segment Problem

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    Here I had problem with rollback segment.

    Here I used Oracle 8.0.6 on Irix unix machine.

    50 machines were connected to that sever. That is peak time, lot of people doing Inserting records and updating records like that doing lot of operations. That time suddenly power went off. Again I started the Oracle database no problem for starting the database. But the problem is very few of them not able to insert a record and update a record.

    Then I checked the Rollback segment status and I got the message like Partially Available.

    Then I checked ALERT.log file also there I got the message like Data Blocks are corrupted.

    Then I did offline the rollback segment and then offline the datafile also. Then I tried recovery using following command

    recover database datafile '../.../x.dbf' If I do like this
    machine will get hang.

    finally I removed the rollback segment and tablespace from the database. Then I created new tablespace and rollback segment. Because I had a backup with this, After that I import the data to the tablespace.

    If anybody knows better than this.
    please mail me the solution.

    My Email id is,



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    It is always better to create rollback segments in a separate tablespace meant for rollback segments. THis is due to performance problems.
    Another after giving the command

    "recover database datafile '../.../x.dbf' If I do like this
    machine will get hang. "
    Did you check the alert.log file for any errors?

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