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Thread: Dilemma

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    We have an Oracle 8.0.5 application on Unix. We took over a contract from another company which left us with no account names & passwords for dba. How can I sign on in order to shutdown this database? There are two instances on the box. When I try to sign on under server manager I get only one version. I've used "connect internal@test as sysdba" but it won't work with any password I have. I've changed the SYS password to get the internal password changed. That only works when I sign on as "Connect SYS/password." Not with "internal". "Connect internal as sysdba" connects me to the wrong instance. I can't find a way to shutdown this other instance. There is no password file on the UNIX.
    I have tried using SET ORACLE_SID=TEST, but it still goes to the other instance when I go into server manager.

    Help please!!!


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    You can also use the same version(db version you are trying to connect) binaries for server manager executable and use connect string as follows.

    connect internal@xyz

    where xyz is service name of the database you are connecting to.

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    Once after you set your environment, did you get to confirm that it had got set in the env.

    If you are using c shell i.e "%" then you get to use setenv
    If you are using the borne shell i.e. "$" then you use export.

    Borne shell:

    ORACLE_SID=xyz; export ORACLE_SID

    C Shell:

    setenv ORACLE_SID xyz

    Then confirm that it had got set in the environment as


    Then try connecting to theinstance as

    connect internal

    now you can alter the sys password as

    alter user sys identified by password;
    alter user system identified by password;


    Hope this would help you,


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