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    Mar 2001
    I'v got a problem: sometimes when I make desc of any object SQL+ get a error:

    SQL> desc live.SERIAL_TBL;
    Name Null? Type
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------- SESSION_IDNUMBER(15)
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)
    [oracle@www2 oracle]$ sqlplus system

    Is anybody knows what the reason of that?
    Is it Oracle's problem or HD? As for HD we have RAID 5.
    NOthing in the trace files.
    Thank you.

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    Jul 2000

    I found this on the metalink, and i think this is what is happening to you:

    "Segmentation Fault (coredump) occurs whenever I use describe on a table in the datadictionary (ie. describe dba_objects)

    I have discovered that changing the linesize corrects this problem in the active sqlplus session. Upon starting sqlplus the linesize is 200, and the describe utility coredumps everytime I try to describe a dba_ table (I am connected as a user with DBA privileges when this happens). I then restart sqlplu and "set linesize 120", and describe works without dumping core. "

    the answer was:

    This is the bug #842965 in version 8.1.5 and has been fixed in 8.1.6

    In 8.1.5,you will get the coredump whenever the linesize is set to greater than 132.

    hope this helps

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    Mar 2001
    Thank you!!!
    Very much!

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