Hi! All,
I have been trying to call Pro*C executables using Java from ORacle 8.1.5 Database on NT platform.
The problem is I am not able to get the execute permission on NT. I have limited knowledge on NT. On Unix we simply used to give execute permission on the executable to the specific User. Here on NT how do we do that.
Also the following grant permission is not present in 8.1.5 but is there in 8.1.6, what is the solution?
dbms_java.grant_permission - not there in 8.1.5 what is soln ?
3 ('RT_TEST',
4 'java.io.FilePermission',
5 '/usr/bin/ps',
6 'execute');
8 dbms_java.grant_permission
9 ('RT_TEST',
10 'java.lang.RuntimePermission',
11 '*',
12 'writeFileDescriptor' );
13 end;
14 /