Unable to extend table by 170368 in tablespace
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Thread: Unable to extend table by 170368 in tablespace

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    I'm a new admin. While loading data in thru SQL-Loader in 8i Database, the following message appeared in the log file and loading stopped in the middle. I know its a simple problem.. can anyone help me with the possible solutions. Thanks. The message...."unable to extend table [table_name] by 170368 in tablespace [tablespace_name]"

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    Your tablespace is full. Increase the size of it and you should be able to import. Or if it is # extents issue, increase it.
    Kishore Kumar

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    Another thing to try is to decrease the NEXT extent size on the table and set PCTINCREASE to 0 so it doesn't try to allocate larger and larger extents.

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