I would like to pass my 2 sesnse in support of Unix.

First of all the truth is
Windows 2000
A 32-bit extension for a 16-bit patch to an 8-bit OS
originally coded for a 4-bit CPU, written by a 2-bit company

2. I would totally agree with the stability of Unix what unix admin brag about It is more stable and in fact I have systems that had not yet been rebooted for the last 2years. Though they are not strong as the VAXs they are far better than NT.

3. Cheanges to the registry entry would force you to bounce the NT, where as the changes to the system kernel are not that frequent.

4. Yes, it is hard to learn, but it is a assest to know !!

5. It is for those who wants to know the Computers and could appreciate the Computers. No Dead screens nor the blue screens!!

6. Very very tightly nit security.

7. It is surely not an OS for those just want to do the work, it is an OS for those who really enjoy doing the work

8. Point and click would not all ways work. By getting to know about the command prompt, you could find an alternate way to do things when your point and click does not work.

9. Cannot customize the kernel for the need on windows? on unix and linux you could customize your kernel build!

Oh friend wake up!!

I know that there are a number of people who could share their thoughts on this.