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    when trying to connect to enterprise manager console, I need to fill in a OMS (Oracle Management Server). No one here has any idea what this is, can you please tell me?


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    OMS(Oracle Management Server) is a server which acts as a repository to store all the information about Oracle databases in ur environment.
    The Oracle Management Server is run on Windows NT or UNIX or other operating systems through the following command
    oemctrl start oms (For this command to work Oracle Enterprise Manager option should be there with u)

    Once OMS is started u can connect to the console through either OEM password or by sys/password.Through OEM u can administer ur any database.It is just a graphical view of ur database and one can do anything witht the database such as running jobs,object creation,starting and shuting down the database etc.

    In case of any help please be free to ask me at

    Rohit Nirkhe,Oracle DBA,OCP 8i
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    One more addtion to rohitsn's suggestion was that the repository for the OMS is not created automatically. You have to create the repository on an existing instance. This is a one time process, and you need to create the repository only if you don't have one or if OEM was your first installation. To start the repository creation process, if you hadn't created one, type the command on the command prompt.


    The word emca stands for Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant.

    Once you finsh creating the repository, start the management server as rohitsn's suggestion. Then you would be able to log into the OEM.

    If you have any problems or questions, please let us know.


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