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Thread: help me out to become a DBA?

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    Hello Sir/Madam,

    Where can i get the full material on the net for becoming an ORACLE DBA. I am interested in becoming a DBA. But acnn't go for courses as i am an employeed.Plz help me out to become a succesful DBA.


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    if your talking about resources for dba's then here are some of them which i use frequently

    websites (off course no 1 choice :-).....) join the mailing list ( a startup i must admit)

    orielly books on plsql
    oracle 24X7 tips and techniques by venkat devraj
    oracle performance tuning tips and tricks by rich mimec
    oracle advanced pl/sql programming by urlike schwinn
    oracle backup and recovery guide by rama velpuri
    oracle annotated archives by kevin looney and rachel carmiceal
    oracle dba tips and tricks by sumit sarin

    most of my dba skills were honed from these places hope it
    will help you too.


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    Sites to learn

    Hi, 2nd May 2001 17:36 hrs chennai

    I am listing several sites at the bottom associated with Oracle.

    After i went in to all this sites i feel very happy with 2 sites.

    One is or

    the official web site of ORACLE.Which has many links which will guide you to become a good dba.

    and the second is where you can have a good exposure to experience and help to solve the real time problems.This is very important to be a ACE DBA.

    If you go into many web sites you will really loose the focus and waste of time in addition.Some sites may help you to pullout some questions banks useful for OCP exams.

    What i simply could suggest you is have a atleast initial DBA class instructor course .Its very important you understand the Oracle Architecture to become a succesful DBA or if you can have a good guide as a friend to help you such as a real time DBA in your self studies then fine go ahead.

    For more help post your doubts in this forum.

    Wishing you all the best and success for your new endeavors.


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