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Thread: Baan ERP and Oracle 8.0.5

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    Hi All,

    My company is running Baan 5b on Oracle 8.0.5 in NT 4.0
    One problem I noticed that when I start up OS, and no user connect to Oracle, then virtual memory is picking up like crazy (up to 1G). How could this happen? How oracle handle vm when system booting up?

    I have experienced serious performance issue for our Baan ERP. Can anyone give me some idea how to tune a system like this? (steps that I can follow?)

    Thank you in advance!

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    Check your instance's SGA size.

    SGA = (db_block_size * db_buffers) + Shared_pool_size + large_pool_size + java_pool_size + log_buffer_size

    This would be your per process memory consumption on your system. By default oracle would start around 10 or more processes depending upon your configuration. As a result your memory consumption would start multiplying.

    One way to deal with this is try reducing the SGA size, but this reduction might land you in a performance slow down or etc. So know in advance what you want to do, before modifying these instance parameters on the initSID.ora file.

    Here is a thread that had discussed a similar issue. I hope it would be helpful to yo in tuning

    In the mean time, I would suggest you to do a search on the archived forum, which has some valuable help.

    Good luck,

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    Hi Sam,

    I am new in tuning (new Oracle DBA)
    SGA size is 1G. I have about 150 concurrent user during peak time. Performance start to get worse after 9:00(PST) and I ran bstat/estat already. The question was, how can I find information from report.txt (how to get info from it?) Data cache hit is about 90% and the rest of hit_ratio seems fine.


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    Hi elin

    Its not a databse problem its baan erp thats causing it.if you are running unix machine try to run the script

    $bse/etc/rc.stop as baan super user
    and then restart the baan shared memory
    $bse/etc/rc.start as baan super user

    where $BSE is your baan home directory.

    this should hopefully solve the problem.also please refer to baan release notes for the amount of memory required for 150 users to be connected simultaneously.

    dont forget to contact baan support as baan has also a support for performance and benchmarking.


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