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    I did new installation of Oracle 816 on Sun/Solaris.

    Does it creates the default startup database as a part of installation.

    I set ORACLE_SID=test, does it mean that I have Oracle database with "test" SID or it is for future use, means I can create new database using this SID.

    If no database is created, What step I have to take to do this,
    On NT I use to do,
    After creating the directory and setting up init.ora
    Step 1>Create new Oracle instance using ORADIM80 on command prompt (How to do this on Unix)
    Step 2>Servermanager, issue create database command
    Step 3>Run catalog & catproc scripts


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    If you do a ps -ef|grep oracle would list all the oracle process created by the oracle. If there are processes with SID_dbw0 or some thing like this, then your defaulty created instance name would be the name that gets tagged to the proceeses in the beginging.

    Now coming to the question of can I create an instance with the name testing or test? yes you can create it provided that you have not named another instance with the same name.

    To create a database on unix, you can invoke the database assistant tool called dbassist from $ORACLE_HOME/bin/ It is a gui tool and you have to have the xterminal and the forwading set properly

    First do the following environments:

    export DISPLAY

    then make sure you have set ORACLE_BASE, ORACLE_HOME, LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the PATH


    on the prompt issue

    $> dbassist &

    $> $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbassist &

    This would open a wizard and if you choose the custom installation, you have the freedom to alter the parameter locations and etc. It would walk you through the database instance creation. It also would allow you to delete or update an instance that had already been created.

    Play with it.

    Have fun,

    Life is a journey, not a destination!

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