sqlldr parallel load & how does db manage tasks questions
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Thread: sqlldr parallel load & how does db manage tasks questions

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    I keep reading everywhere: "just load the tables in parallel." What exactly does this mean? Do I just run two or more shell prompts in the OS and run sqlldr or imp on both of them? Is there a fixed limit on the # of sqlldrs that can be run at one time? Or is it just HW and OS dependent?

    And how does Oracle manage the tasks it's supposed to handle? I.e. there are 3 users.
    User #
    1 System is dropping a schema
    2 scott is loading an employee table of 1M records
    3 Jerry is doing an ad hoc query that is doing a 6 way join where two of the tables are 20 Million rows and only 1 table is indexed.

    How will Oracle start to schedule the tasks? FIFO? Least resources used runs most? Most resources used is run most? Equal time slice multi-tasking. Can this be tuned?

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    Oracle use - FIFO

    Good Luck.
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